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PlantProbes now closed

PlantProbes: Molecular probes for plant cell wall polymers

After over 20 years of distributing cell wall monoclonal antibodies from our laboratory, the PlantProbes activity ceased at the end of June 2021. We appreciate all the interest that researchers around the world have shown in our cell wall antibodies and we are pleased that they continue to be useful.

Antibody specificities and links to publications

The antibodies will continue to be available from other sources including Kerafast, Megazyme and Ximbio.

The BAM- antibodies to fucans and alginates are available from SeaProbes in Roscoff. Additional outlets for selections of these reagents are currently being explored.

Selections of JIM- and MAC-antibodies (to AGPs/extensins) are also available from Carbosource at the CCRC/University of Georgia.

If you are interested in CBMs, please note that NZYTech in Lisbon has large number of CBMs available with a wide range of specificities.

Overview list and short guide to our antibody probes here

Our cell wall antibodies are highly sensitive, highly specific and versatile molecular tools that can be used for microscopy analyses and quantitative assessments of cell wall polymers in all plant materials ranging from fruits and vegetable to fibres and all forms of plant biomass. We are happy to discuss any potential uses or applications of our probes.

Any enquiries about our antibodies can be addressed to Paul Knox